Mara Ruzza - Ceramica

3. Künstleraustausch Freiburg – Padua
24. Juni bis 9. Juli 2015

Meckel-Halle Sparkassen-FinanzZentrum, Freiburg
Kunst und Kultur in der Meckel-Halle

Presentati gli ultimi anni di ricerca ceramica con l'installazione Gens, 2015 che comprende le Mater Raku nelle diverse generazioni; Calpestata, 2010 fotoceramica su terracotta; Bozzolo story, evoluzione dal 2011 della ricerca con la porcellana nei Bozzoli e Pupe; installazioni diverse di Radice 3 e Radice 4, progetto con la porcellana e i lustri iniziato nel 2013

Mara Ruzza’s artistic research was born in 1986 when, as a graduate in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, she set out on her professional path in visual arts using various forms of expression - painting, photography, videos, sculpture - leading to collective and personal exhibits which illustrate a distinctive inquiry into the notion of Time, of Transformation. She has researched the manifold expression of ceramics from a technical, poetic and conceptual aspect, through sculptures, projects and installations. The expressive quest in the performances, acts shake exploiting different forms of expression, and curatorial projects and events on contemporary ceramics constitute a path of equal importance.Her works display the diverse states of matter during the work-process with forms which manifest dense temporal overtones and reflections on changes in nature and fragmentation of the contemporary: raw clay, earthenware, photo ceramic, glaze, raku, saggar fire, porcelain sculptures as well as luminous and design objects. Ruzza’s technical research highlights reflections on the processes of nature and environmental destruction underway in her projects: Trampled Earth, Cocoons and Pupae, Roots, Deserts, Germination, signs, traces, footprints; forms and installations containing both transformation and the sense of time stuck in its development; “non-places” rich in new conceptions of life.Mara Ruzza find “Roots”, fascinated by the transformations brought about by time in the matter, harvested in natural concretions during slow sedimentation processes, tracks anthropomorphic that contain a sense of time locked in its unfolding, impressions of life remained to talk of a remote time. The projects Roots reveals the reflections on the processes of destruction taking place in the environment by taking the nature organic parts that have suffered a "catastrophe" in the context of the vital process and changing profoundly form.
The roots are metaphorically the "origins", these allow developments.